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AAA Daily Fuel Gauge Report

What Did Your Fuel Cost Today?

AAA Daily Fuel Gauge Report

A Fastracs Fleet Tracking System
Can Save You an Average
of 13.2 % in Fuel Costs!

Portable Asset Tracking
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Monitor remote Production assets such as :

* Keys

* Equipment

* Material

With our portable gps locking ring you can monitor the movement of any asset or keys and know when you have a “silent partner” taking liberties with your equipment, cash or deposit box keys. This is a vital theft deterrent and investigation tool. For your heavy equipment add our advanced sensors to track virtually any event or activity - how many idle hours, how many dumps, how many scoops, if safety devices are in use, etc. Provides for accurate billing, maintenance and profit center audits. We can even help you stay on top of your costly job-site material that all too often grow legs.



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