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AAA Daily Fuel Gauge Report

What Did Your Fuel Cost Today?

AAA Daily Fuel Gauge Report

A Fastracs Fleet Tracking System
Can Save You an Average
of 13.2 % in Fuel Costs!

Fleet Management
Our GPS Tracking Solutions PDF Print E-mail

Online Road Fleet Vehicle and Off Road Asset Tracking 24/7/365

Our world-class fleet management systems are priced right and give you options to set up only the amount of oversight and control you want and need.

Our patented hardware is simple to self-install and easily integrates into your fleet operations without requiring additional resources or any operational changes.

" We immediately reduced the number of miles by 10% "

" We increased weekly production by 16% "

" My drivers do 2 more pick-ups per week "

" Bona fide ROI of 1 to 19 "

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