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AAA Daily Fuel Gauge Report

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AAA Daily Fuel Gauge Report

A Fastracs Fleet Tracking System
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About Us
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We are built on Advanced Telematics Technology not Fuel Cards or Vehicle Financing.CEO Fastracs

Our technological teeth are sharpened in an environment of tomorrow that includes fully robotic vehicles and driver assisted systems that are so advanced they can recognize when a driver is falling asleep or running off the road. Our effectiveness is measured in business systems environments where there is zero tolerance for bells and whistles that do not directly contribute to the bottom line.

This is the world of our sister company Induct Research & Development.

Before our clients get our advanced fleet and asset tracking systems, they are proven under the most demanding business conditions possible by Induct. Only then does Induct license them to us.

Paul Scholz - PresidentOur philosophy and mission at FASTRACS is to provide you with advanced tracking technology to help you achieve your business goals. We believe that every business is unique and that each requires only the tracking system features that are necessary. We have systems for road vehicle, off road vehicles and portable assets to meet your specific requirements. No more - no less.

This is all we do and have done since 2003.

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